Product Category
UW Laser is committed to providing high-quality lasers, laser welding machines, robotic welding workstations, automated laser welding equipment, and various non-standard automation solutions for global manufacturing customers. Our products are widely used in the fields of power battery, automobile manufacturing, consumer electronics, hardware and home appliances, optical communication, medical devices, plastic welding, and soldering.
Various types of lasers to meet customers' different laser welding needs
UW Laser has always attached great importance to the development of its own laser technology and has independently developed various types of lasers. Starting from the YAG laser series, it has continuously expanded the types and coverage of lasers, especially focusing on the optimization of lasers in the field of welding, emphasizing welding quality and energy control, and refining laser parameters suitable for different processing scenarios to achieve the best welding effect.
Applications in the Power Battery Industry
In the new energy power battery and energy storage industry, the main application scope of UW Laser‘s welding automation equipment includes prismatic cells, prismatic modules, and packs, pouch cells, pouch modules and packs, cylindrical cells, cylindrical module and packs, fuel cell bipolar plates, stack strap welding, etc.
Applications in the Automobile Industry
The application range of UW Laser’s automated welding equipment in the automotive industry mainly includes engine exhaust manifold, cylinder gasket, high-pressure manifold, oxygen sensor, transmission fork, half-shell assembly, steering bracket of the automobile steering system, guide tube, Steering wheel assembly, etc.
Consumer Electronics Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment
Applications in the Consumer Electronics Industry
UW Laser’s complete sets of automated laser welding equipment in the consumer electronics industry are used in mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart wear industries, etc., such as soft pack batteries, button batteries, mobile phone antennas, mobile phone shrapnel, connectors, fingerprint readers, etc.
Applications in the Sensor Industry
The application range of UW Laser’s automated welding equipment in the sensor industry mainly includes MEMS pressure sensors, diffused silicon pressure sensors, diaphragm pressure sensors, temperature sensors, oxygen sensors, pressure transmitters, weighing sensors, etc.
Applications in the Optical Communication Industry
UW Laser optical communication solutions are mainly used in the fields of optical emitting devices (TOSA), optical receiving devices (ROSA), optical transceiver module interface components (BOSA ), etc.
Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment for Relays
UW Laser’s welding equipment and intelligent manufacturing solutions are widely used in general power relays, magnetic latching relays, automotive relays, communication relays, new energy relays, and other fields in the relay industry.
Welding Equipment for Medical Devices
Given the special use scenarios, most medical devices have extremely small structures, and complex processes, so traditional welding processing technologies cannot be applied for production in the medical industry. UW Laser’s welding equipment is widely used in the welding production of endoscopes, surgical forceps, catheters, zebra guide wires, disposable stone extraction baskets, disposable airway guide wires, nasobiliary drainage catheters, and so on, effectively solving the practical difficulties that microdevices in the medical device industry cannot be precisely processed. At the same time, the problem of structural sealing is taken into account in the design of the equipment, which effectively solves the problem of pollution prevention in high-purity medical device production sites.
Laser Soldering
The state of solder material in laser welding can be divided into solder paste, solder wire, and solder ball. Compared with traditional soldering processes such as wave soldering, reflow soldering, and manual iron soldering, laser soldering has the advantages of high welding efficiency, accurate control of welding position, and good solder joint consistency. It is very suitable for precision welding of small and microelectronic components, circuit boards with complex structures, and PCB boards.
Plastic Welding
As a new welding method, laser plastic welding has the advantages of non-contact welding, high welding accuracy, high welding strength, beautiful weld seam, no vibration, no dust overflow, easy automatic integration and mass production, and easy product switching, etc. It has begun to replace some of the traditional plastic welding methods and is widely used in precision welding applications such as automotive parts, electronic sensors, medical devices, etc.