Relay Collector Welding Table

UW’s laser relay collector welding table comprises a positioning fixture, double input and output shafts, welding three-axis, PLC control system, visual system, laser welding system, and so on to achieve manual loading and unloading of automatic welding. Each unit of the welding platform is modular in design and can work independently.

It adopts the high-power single-mode fiber laser with the high-power galvanometer welding system.

The welding track is input by CNC programming or teaching mode; The welding process is automated; The welding program can be modified, and the operation and modification permissions  can be set; It equips with a standard 17-inch display;

technical parameter
Relay Collector Welding Table
Dimensions (L*W*H)


Performance Characteristics

Y1 and Y2 move automatically, and the galvanometer moves on the X, Y, and Z axes; it can achieve high-efficiency welding;

Control Method

PC control, with a 17-inch LCD display

X-Axis Stroke (Electric)

700mm, repeated positioning accuracy +0.03mm/300mm

Y-Axis Stroke (Electric)

300mm,repeated positioning accuracy 士0.03mm

Z-Axis Stroke (Electric With Brake)

300mm, repeated positioning accuracy +0.03mm

Y1-Axis Stroke (Electric)

500mm, repeated positioning accuracy 土0.03mm/300mm

Y2-Axis Stroke (Electric)

500mm, repeated positioning accuracy+0.03mm/300mm

Drive Mode

Servo drive

Welding Trajectory Input Method

CNC programming or teaching mode

CCD Weld Monitoring

Equipped with a 17-inch LCD monitor makes it easy to observe the processing quality and processing position;

Angle Adjustment of the Galvanometer Head

Rotate 士45°

Working Power

Single-phase AC 220V, power 3KW

Host and Chiller

Fiber laser (1) + 1 chiller