Company Profile

Founded in 2005, United Winners Laser Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of laser welding equipment and intelligent manufacturing solutions in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a listed company on SSE Star Market, specializing in R&D, production, and sales of precision laser welding machines and complete sets of laser welding equipment. It owns four subsidiaries, namely UW Jiangsu, UW Huizhou, UW Sichuan, and UW Japan. After more than ten years of business development and continuous technological innovation, the company has developed into a leader in China’s laser welding industry.

UW Laser is committed to providing high-quality lasers, laser welding heads, laser welding machines, robotic welding workstations, automated laser welding equipment and various non-standard automated solutions to global manufacturing customers. Lasers and laser welding machines mainly include blue laser series, hybrid laser series, YAG laser series, fiber laser series, semiconductor laser series, pulse laser series, etc. Its products are widely used in the fields of power batteries, automobile manufacturing, consumer electronics, hardware appliances, optical communications, medical equipment, plastic welding and soldering, and so on. At present, it has delivered more than 600 sets of non-standard customized automatic laser welding systems, which meet the welding requirements of more than 1,300 products. It is also China’s largest enterprise focusing on the research and development of laser welding in the new energy industry with strategic cooperation with CATL, Gotion High-Tech, BYD, GREE, Foxconn, Tyco Electronics, TE Connectivity, Evergreen Precision, EVE, Panasonic, Samsung, Panasonic and other well-known enterprises across the industry.

Headquarters of United Winners Laser Co., Ltd. In Shenzhen

Based in Shenzhen, facing the world, deeply participating in world-class "hard core" intelligent manufacturing!

Founded in 2005, located in Pingshan, Shenzhen, scheduled to begin construction in 2022,

With a total floor area of 11,900 square meters and a building area of 48,000 square meters, it is the office headquarters and R&D base of UW Laser!

Jiangsu United Winners Laser Co., Ltd.

Based in Jiangsu, covering East China and the north of East China

It is located in Zhongguancun Science and technology Industrial Park in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, which is the core base of high-end equipment manufacturing in Liyang City.

The total floor area is 121.8 acres and the building area is 116,000 square meters.

Integrating Research and development, production, and sales of all types of automated welding production lines for new energy power batteries, welding production lines for auto parts, and non-standard customized automated production lines.

Huizhou United Winners Technology Co., Ltd.

Based in Huizhou, linked to Shenzhen headquarters, and covered South China!

Founded in 2017, with an area of 65,400 square meters and a total building area of 141,700 square meters, it is located in Zhongkai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province.

It is UW Lasers manufacturing base of complete sets of high-precision laser welding equipment in South China and practical actions of the resources and service capabilities across the laser industry!

Sichuan United Winners Smart Laser Co., Ltd.

Based in Sichuan, Facing Southwest China, Moving towards the "Belt and Road"

Founded in 2021, it is located in Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, covering an area of about 50 acres and a building area of 50,000 square meters.

Achieve the form of dual bases for cultivating professional and technical talents in production and manufacturing, laser welding, and intelligent manufacturing in Southwest China.

UW Japan Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2012, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UW Laser. Its business covers the design, manufacturing, and sales of laser welding machines and special optics.

It is committed to tailoring cost-effective laser welding machines and intelligent manufacturing solutions for customers across various industries in Japan.

Laser Research Institute

The Laser Research Institute was initially established by Academician Hanben Niu, and is now headed by Dr. Zengqiang Niu, the vice chairman of the company.

It has 200 R & D technicians and set up five R & D centers, including the Laser Machine R & D Center, Laser Technology R & D Center, R & D Engineering Center, Intelligent Software R & D Center, and Special Laser Equipment R & D Center.

To build a vertically integrated supply chain including optical devices, laser machines, laser processing systems, intelligent software and automation equipment for UW Laser, meeting the needs of customers from all walks of life.

New Energy Equipment Division

The New Energy Equipment Division is an expert in the "intelligent" manufacturing of lithium battery equipment, focusing on laser welding and intelligent manufacturing in the new energy industry (power cells, energy storage cells, and cell cover lines).

After more than ten years of process and technology precipitation, we have independently developed mature and stable automated assembly lines and semi-automated assembly lines for battery cells and cell covers, which can efficiently realize heat pressing, pairing, ultrasonic welding, and connecting piece welding, MYLAR film wrapping, blue membrane wrapping, shell pre-welding, top cover welding, seal pin welding, engraving, helium leak detection, pole welding, explosion-proof valve welding, die-cutting, and other automated cell assembly processes and semi-automated assembly processes. And after integrating big data analysis, cloud platform, MES, and other technical features, it can achieve rapid response and precise intervention in the entire process and link of its production and operation, optimize resource allocation, and achieve efficient collaboration.

We have the harshest process standards for our products, and are committed to providing the best standard or customized products and meticulous services to help customers improve production efficiency and reduce costs. At present, we have established strategic partnerships with well-known companies across the industry, such as CATL, BYD, EVE, Gotion, AVIC, REPT, Honeycomb, Sunwoda, Tafel, Evergreen Precision, LG, Samsung SDI, Panasonic, etc.

New Energy Vehicle Division

The new energy vehicle division relies on the company's business and technological advantages to focusing on helping the upgrading and transformation of the entire new energy vehicle industry. At present, the division has more than hundreds of personnel in program planning, project design, and programming. Its primary businesses include researching and developing two major equipment systems: power battery modules, PACK projects, and auto parts projects. Among them, power battery modules include product lines for the prismatic, pouch, and cylindrical battery modules, and the auto parts project includes product lines for the steering system, car seat, engine, gearbox, body in white, and so on. The new energy vehicle division attaches great importance to technological research, development, and innovation. With the support of the company's leadership, the division actively cooperates with universities and leading new energy battery enterprises, vigorously carries out research on new technologies, new processes and other patented and proprietary technologies, continuously increases the cultivation of core technology capabilities, and strives to enhance business competitiveness. So far, the division has more than 20 patented technologies.

In addition, since its establishment, the division has always upheld the craftsmanship spirit of "welding experts," strived to build an excellent brand of "intelligent manufacturing," served customers with high quality and high requirements, and now has established cooperation with CATL, BYD, AVIC, EVE, REPT, GAC, FAW, SAIC, VW, SAIC, GM, Great Wall Automobile, Toyota, Yutong, NIO, Xiaopeng, and other well-known enterprises.

Consumer Electronics Division

The Consumer Electronics Division of UW Laser relies on the company's 16 years of technical precipitation and continuous research and development. Since 2005, it has been continuously researching and developing in the direction of laser welding technology and lasers. It targets seven categories of manufacturers, including tin welding in the  consumer electronics industry, plastic welding, optical communications, connectors, precision structural components, small soft pack batteries, and button batteries, and has developed high-quality and competitive micro parts precision welding, high-precision positioning platform welding, vision-guided precision fit welding technology, high-speed high-precision laser tin ball welding, and automated welding assembly lines for consumer electronics series batteries.

In response to the diversified needs of customers, the Consumer Electronics Division of UW Laser provides customized equipment development, design, production, assembly, commissioning, after-sales service, and the whole process of automation equipment integration by using self-developed key technologies to help customers improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability in all aspects. At present, we have established strategic partnerships with Foxconn, Varta, NVT, TE Connectivity, Desay, Sunwoda, Changying, BYD, OFILM, and other well-known enterprises across the consumer electronics industry.

General Automation Division

The General Automation Division takes technological innovation as the driving force and standardization and modularization as the direction to provide solutions from single-machine welding to whole-line calibration and packaging for sensors, relays, hardware and auto parts, hydrogen fuel, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom and other industries. To meet the diverse needs of customers, we rely on our deep industry accumulation, rich experience and key technologies of independent research and development to provide customers with customized equipment research and development, design, production, assembly, commissioning, after-sales, and the whole process services of automation equipment integration.

The General Automation Division helps customers improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability in an all-around way and cooperates with leading companies in various segments such as TE Connectivity, Mike, Hanwei, BYD, Nader, CHNT, Sinosynergy, and Nowogen.

Research and Development Team
Technology Centers
Technological Innovations
Patented Technologies
Technical Strength
Research and Development Team
1000+ R&D Technicians
  • A group of high-level talents in the disciplines of optics, automation, electrical, software and materials;

  • Investment in R&D has been increasing year by year, and the proportion of R&D personnel has reached 43%;

  • Technical R&D cooperation with universities such as Shenzhen University, South China Normal University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Jinan University;

  • Supplemented by industry-university-research joint R&D to establish a mechanism for combining external technical cooperation and applying for government-supported projects and effectively integrate and make full use of internal and external R&D resources.

Technical Strength
Technology Centers
UW Laser has established several laser welding-related laboratories, research centers, and technology centers for the province and city

  • Guangdong Precision Laser Welding Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Guangdong Automotive Laser Intelligent Welding Equipment Enterprise Key Laboratory

  • Guangdong Industrial Design Center

  • Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center

  • Shenzhen High Precision Laser Welding Technology Engineering Laboratory

  • Shenzhen Power Battery Laser Equipment Manufacturing R & D Engineering Research Center

Technical Strength
Technological Innovations
Three Categories of Core Technologies

  • It Possesses technologies of laser research and development, welding process research and development, and automatic intelligent control;

  • The R&D team has successively completed the research and development of more than 20 types of lasers and more than 600 types of working tools and welding equipment;

  • It can meet the welding needs of more than 1,300 products;

  • It continues to meet the individual market needs of customers with high value-added products;

Technical Strength
Patented Technologies
Eight Core Technologies to Consolidate Competitiveness

As of June 30, 2022, 241 patents and 193 software copyrights have been granted;

  • Real-Time Waveform Negative Energy Feedback Control Technology
  • Multi-Wavelength Laser Coaxial Hybrid Welding Technology
  • Blue Laser Welding Technology
  • Real-time image processing technology for laser welding
  • Information Management of the Intelligent Production Line and Industrial Cloud Platform Technology
  • Laser Welding Processing Technology
  • Automation System Design Technology
  • Laser Optical System Development Technology
Compared with its domestic and foreign counterparts, its overall technical level is in a relatively leading position. It has formed a strong technical barrier in the field of laser welding, which provides solid support for the improvement of the market competitiveness of the company's laser welding products.
Company Milestones

Won the China Laser Golden Glory Award

Awarded Outstanding Enterprise of Production Line Equipment for New Energy Intelligent Manufacturing

Won the Contribution Award of Flat Wire Motor Supplier

Awarded “Excellent Quality Supplier” of Jiangsu Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited

Awarded the Top 10 System Integrator in China's New Energy Industry

Won the Laser Processing Industry – Ringier Technology Innovation Award

Awarded the first “strategic supplier of Sunwoda”

UW Laser Was Listed on the A-Share Science and Technology Innovation Board

Awarded the “Outstanding Progress Enterprise in the Laser Industry”

Won the “2020 Laser Intelligent Equipment Technology Innovation Award in the Laser Industry”

Won the “40th Anniversary of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone · Scientific and Technological Innovation Award of the Equipment Industry in Socialist Leading Demonstration Zone”

Undertook the Major Scientific and Technological Special Project of “High-Power Blue Semiconductor Laser and Application” in Key R&D Programs of Guangdong Province


Won the TE Connectivity’s 2019 Best Technical Contribution Award

Award the 2019 Influential Enterprise in China’s Laser Industry


Shortlisted as One of the Top 500 Enterprises in Shenzhen

Approved as Guangdong Precision Laser Welding Equipment Engineering and Technology Research Center

Approved as Shenzhen Power Battery Laser Equipment Manufacturing and R&D Engineering Research Center

Approved as Shenzhen City-level Enterprise Technology Center

Won the 2018 China Industrial Laser Innovation Contribution Award

Won the 5th Huaxin Award - The Most Influential Company on the New Third Board

Established the Subsidiary “Huizhou United Winners Technology Co., Ltd.”
Established the Subsidiary “Jiangsu United Winners Laser Co., Ltd.”
Shortlisted as One of the Top 100 Industrial Enterprises in Nanshan District
Awarded “Deloitte - Shenzhen High Tech High Growth Top 20”
Awarded “The Best Partner” of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited


Chairman Han Jinlong won the "2016 Person of the Year in the Automotive Battery Industry"


Listed on the New Third Board

Approved as Shenzhen High Precision Laser Welding Technology and Engineering Laboratory

Won the Golden Tripod Award of China’s Lithium Battery Enterprises With the Most Investment Value


Successfully developed and mass-produced semiconductor laser welding machines, fiber laser welding machines, and other multi-series products

Approved as an “industry-university-research unit of Guangdong Science and Technology Department”


Established the Subsidiary “Huizhou United Winners Laser Co., Ltd.”

Established the Subsidiary “UW United Japan Co., Ltd.”

Won the Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award

Won the Second Prize of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province


Awarded the “2011 Innovative Enterprise With the Most Investment Potential”

Awarded Zero2IPO -- the “6th Top 50 Most Valuable Investment Enterprises in China”

Successfully Recognized as a “National High-Tech Enterprise”
Obtained “Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise Qualification Certificate”
Obtain the Patent of the State Intellectual Property Office to Conduct Sales, Mass Production and Export

The Company Was Founded

Successfully Independently Developed “HWLW015A” Laser Welding Machine

Business distribution

UW Laser has been vigorously expanding into global markets with its overseas business covering Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Morocco, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland, Egypt, Italy, C ô te d'Ivoire, South Africa, Sweden, Philippines, and so on.

Czech Republic
South Africa
South Korea
Honorary Qualifications
Quality Policies
Market-Oriented, Customer-Oriented.
Enterprise Spirits
Responsibility, Sense of Crisis, Execution, Integration
Service Concepts
Customer First, Quality First
Employment Concepts
Respect, trust, cultivation, the capable go up, the mediocre go down, and the inferior go out
Talent Strategies
To cultivate talents with equal emphasis on introduction and application is to adhere to people-oriented.
Code of Conduct for Managers
Fairness and Strict Discipline
Quality Objectives
Product Qualification Rate=100%, Customer Satisfaction≥90%, On-Time Delivery=100%
Corporate Vision
To become a global top-tier supplier of laser welding equipment and automation solutions.
Corporate Mission
To Create a Happy Life

Corporate Values
Unity · Win-Win

Corporate Management Concepts
Quality, Innovation, Efficiency, Service
Corporate Culture
Company Executives
Company Environment
Company Environment
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