Three-Beam / Four-Beam Automatic Communication Worktable
IntroductionThis worktable adopts PLC control mode, automatic control of product lifting, manual adjustment of welding angle position and precision, and it is easy to operate and only occupies a fraction of floor spaces, making it suitable for the welding of various products across the optical communication industry.
technical parameter
Three-Beam / Four-Beam Automatic Communication Worktable
Dimensions (L*W)


Laser Power

25w or 75w

Positioning Method

CCD & red light

Welding Method

Spot welding

Lifting Height of the Working Table


Automatic Rotation Angle of Work Surface


Manual Fine-Tuning of the Rotation Angle


Manual Fine-Tuning of the track


Power Input


Failure Rate


Operator Allocation


One-Time Excellence Rate




application area