Cooperate and win together! UW Laser was awarded
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On September 3, 2022 Sunwoda Super Fast Charging Power Battery Product Launch and Supplier Conference with the theme of "Super Fast Charging, Xin Safety" was held in Zaozhuang, Shandong Province! Chen Ping, Secretary of Zaozhuang Municipal Party Committee and Director of Zaozhuang Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Zhang Hongwei, Deputy Secretary of Zaozhuang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Zaozhuang; Wang Mingwang, Founder of Sinowanda, Wang Wei, Chairman of Zaozhuang, Huang Xuejie, Researcher of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Baosheng, Chairman of China Battery Industry Association, and representatives of Sunwoda's automotive customers and core supply chain enterprises gathered together. As a long-term strategic partner of Sunwoda, UW Laser was invited to participate and stood out from many famous brand suppliers and was awarded "Strategic Supplier" by Sunwoda again!



It is reported that the first mass-produced super-charge battery SFC480 released by Sunwoda has made a major breakthrough in material system innovation, battery process innovation and key structural innovation. The innovative superposition technology enables the energy retention rate to be higher than 85% at a low temperature of -20 degrees Celsius, the volume utilization rate to be higher than 72%, and to achieve no thermal diffusion.


Sunwanda is one of the leading companies in the R&D and manufacturing of lithium battery modules in the new energy industry. Its vision is to become a respected world-class new energy company. UW Laser has always occupied an essential position in the field of power battery laser welding and equipment intelligent manufacturing with the vision to become a world-class mainstream supplier of laser welding equipment and intelligent manufacturing solutions. Over the years, UW Laser has been evaluated as an excellent supplier by many leading battery enterprises by virtue of its strong technical accumulation, high-quality solutions, and excellent services.


Over the past ten years since 2012, both sides have formed a lasting and stable supply relationship based on the common ideal of promoting the development of China's intelligent manufacturing and new energy sector and becoming a model of long-term sound partnership between equipment enterprises and battery enterprises.



The lithium battery market is booming, and the power battery enterprises and equipment-wise enterprises are entering a stage of in-depth cooperation. Since its establishment, UW Laser has always been committed to promoting the high-quality development of the new energy power battery industry with technological innovation. This time, being awarded the "Strategic Supplier" of Sunwoda again is a high recognition of Sunwoda for UW Laser. In the future, both sides will stand at a new historical starting point and height, take in-depth cooperation as an opportunity to give full play to their respective markets and resource advantages, jointly promote the rapid and steady development and technological progress of the lithium battery industry, and achieve win-win cooperation!