Good news! UW Laser was awarded the 2021 Excellent Supplier of China's Battery I
Time:2022-09-14 Author:UW LASER Views: 146


On August 30, the 9th China (Guangdong-Dongguan) Battery New Energy Industry International Summit was held in Dongguan, Guangdong, hosted by Dongguan Municipal People's Government of Guangdong Province, ABEC (Battery "Davos") Organizing Committee, and co-hosted by Battery Network and Battery 100. At the 11th China Battery Industry Excellent Supplier Award Ceremony, UW Laser Co., Ltd. was awarded the China Battery Industry Excellent Supplier of 2021.



UW Laser was founded in 2005, focusing on laser welding and intelligent manufacturing solutions. Since its establishment, it has delivered more than 650 sets of non-standard customized automatic laser welding systems, meeting the welding requirements of more than 1,400 products, and its cooperative customers include leading enterprises across the lithium battery industry.



The company has strong strength. With the Shenzhen headquarters as the center, it has built the East China Base in Liyang, Jiangsu, the South China Base in Huizhou, and the Southwest Base in Yibin, Sichuan. There are also branches or agents in Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, and other countries or regions.


UW Laser focuses on technological innovation and has obtained more than 400 patented technologies through paying great attention to product quality and establishing strict quality management and equipment delivery systems to lead the high-quality development of enterprises through digital construction. At the same time, in order to practice the concept of "United and Win-Win," it has launched the "UW Laser Supply Chain Platform." In the past seventeen years, it has been promoting high-quality intelligent manufacturing with technology and quality as the core and has won goodwill from many excellent suppliers of cooperative enterprises.



Being awarded the 2021 Excellent Supplier of China's Battery Industry not only affirms the strength, product quality, service quality, and reputation of UW Laser, but also puts forward higher requirements for the company's future development. With the trust and support of the industry, UW Laser will make unremitting efforts to become the most trusted partner in the new energy industry, and cooperates with outstanding enterprises across the lithium battery industry to move forward together!