Good News! UW Laser Was Awarded as HITHIUM’s Annual Excellent Supplier of 2023
Time:2024-04-12 Author:UW LASER Views: 110

On January 17th, the "Unity and Gratitude, Pursuing Brilliance" themed 2023 HITHIUM Appreciation Conference for Achieving 10 Billion Yuan Output was grandly held at the HITHIUM headquarter in Xiamen. As a long-term trusted partner of HITHIUM, UW Laser was invited to attend. With outstanding performance in R&D, manufacturing, after-sales service, and management, UW Laser was honored with the core award HITHIUM's Annual Excellent Supplier of 2023.



Established in 2019, HITHIUM is the first unicorn enterprise in Xiamen, China. Over the past four years, HITHIUM has remained focused on the R&D and expansion in the field of energy storage batteries. With strong technical capabilities and market insight, it has successfully built a comprehensive ecosystem covering energy storage applications, products, and technologies, establishing over 50 GWh of energy storage cell capacity and achieved a revenue of 10 billion yuan in 2023.



UW Laser offers diversified automation solutions in the energy storage field, covering various aspects such as large-scale storage, commercial and industrial energy storage, and household storage. Mature automated production line solutions are available for different battery forms including pouch, cylindrical, prismatic, and blade batteries, catering to the entire integrated automation production lines including cell processing, module stacking, welding, pack assembly, and container assembly. Since the establishment of HITHIUM in 2019, UW Laser has been developing and growing with it. Currently, the two parties have implemented multiple project collaborations in Xiamen and Chongqing, providing several sets of mid-stage assembly lines for cells and automated assembly lines for energy storage module PACK. This recognition as the "HITHIUM's Annual Excellent Supplier of 2023" is not only a testament to the sincere cooperation between the two parties but also injects impetus for closer cooperation and development in the future.



As an important component of energy transition and power reform, energy storage has witnessed increasingly fierce competition in the industry, driven by continuous technological advancements and expanding application domains. UW Laser continues to concentrate on product R&D, technological upgrades, and quality enhancement. By integrating technological strength with market demands, we strive to improve products and services continually. We aim to provide customers with safer, more efficient, and energy-saving solutions, thus facilitating the green, low-carbon, and high-quality development of the entire energy storage industry chain.