Successful Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Between UW Laser and Several Univers
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On February 19th, Shenzhen United Winners Laser Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: UW Laser) signed a contract with the lIiyang High-tech Zone Management Committee and the Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center to jointly build the UW Laser Research Institute, and cooperated with Zhejiang University of Technology and Harbin Industry The official signing of the strategic cooperation between the universities was held at the Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center. Ye Minghua, secretary of the Liyang Municipal Party Committee, Hu Jiangping, deputy director of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhu Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the Liyang Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, director of the management committee, Fang Xuejun, deputy mayor of the Liyang Municipal People's Government, and the School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University of Technology Director, Yao Jianhua, Dean of Laser Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, Tan Caiwang, Assistant Dean of Harbin Institute of Technology Materials College, Han Jinlong, Chairman of Lianying Laser, Niu Zengqiang, Vice Chairman, Xie Qiang, Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer, and other relevant personnel attended the signing ceremony.


Speech by Han Jinlong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UW Laser


Han Jinlong, chairman of UW Laser, said in his speech that he is very grateful to leaders at all levels of the Liyang government for setting up a "industry-university-research" cooperation platform for UW Laser. He said that this year is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The country's anchoring of high-quality development is the primary task. It is necessary to stand up the backbone of China's industry and promote the high-end, intelligent, and green development of the manufacturing industry. As a part of China's intelligent manufacturing, UW Laser shoulders the important task of the development of the times. The company can achieve today's achievements because we attach great importance to R & D and innovation. In addition to independent R & D, we also have long-term R & D cooperation with scientific research institutes and universities. At the same time, it has also achieved fruitful research and development results and transformed them into products, providing customers with world-class automated laser welding solutions.

        UW Jiangsu has developed rapidly with the strong support of the Liyang government, and has successively won the titles of national high-tech enterprises, specialized and special new enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and established Changzhou High-precision Laser Welding Technology Engineering Technology Research Center, Changzhou Enterprise Technology Center, Changzhou Industrial Design Center. UW Jiangsu is not only the largest production base of UW Laser, but also an important research and development base of UW Laser. Today's signing and cooperation with all parties is another major move of Lianying Laser's development strategy driven by technological innovation, which will greatly improve the research and development capabilities of UW Laser.


Speech by Mr. Niu Qiang, Vice Chairman of UW Laser


At the signing ceremony, Niu Zengqiang, vice chairman of UW Laser, gave a detailed introduction to the overall plan and goals, organizational structure, research directions, joint laboratories, and cooperation projects of Liyang Laser Research Institute. In the future, Liyang Laser Research Institute will build a number of key laboratories above the provincial and municipal levels have been established to meet the actual needs of customers, laser applications, and future industries, and build a high-tech research and development institution centered on the research of laser processing applications.


Ye Minghua, Secretary of Liyang Municipal Party Committee


Finally, Ye Minghua, Secretary of the Liyang Municipal Party Committee, expressed congratulations on the successful signing of the project on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. He said that the 6-year in-depth cooperation between UW Laser and Liyang has not only created a key enterprise in the laser industry in Jiangsu Province for Lianying, but also broadened the industrial boundaries for Liyang and created a 100-billion-level green energy storage industrial base with global influence. support. He pointed out that the light of science and technology has always been the concentric portrayal and constant guidance of UW Laser and Liyang on the road ahead. The establishment of Liyang Laser Research Institute marks a new level of government-enterprise cooperation and a new height of school-enterprise cooperation. It is hoped that UW Laser and Liyang will continue to strengthen the integration and intercommunication in the field of science and technology, and create advantages for Liyang's industrial upgrading, talent introduction, and green rise; professors and experts from various universities will continue to deepen the cooperation of "industry-university-research-application" and jointly explore a mutual sharing of resources, A new way of school-enterprise cooperation with complementary advantages and mutual benefits.



Through the combination of "production, learning, research and government", the school, government and enterprise parties actively carry out scientific and technological innovation, transformation of achievements, and personnel training on the basis of "equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, mutual cooperation, and common development". To promote the high-quality development of the laser industry through exchanges and cooperation in various fields.