CATL’s German factory has been put into production as UW Laser becomes one of th
Time:2022-12-30 Author:UW LASER Views: 57


Recently, the first overseas factory of CATL, a top international battery company located in Thuringia, Germany, has put into production lithium-ion battery cells as scheduled. UW Laser has demonstrated outstanding performance in providing laser welding and intelligent manufacturing supporting supplies for this project. With quality control and delivery ability, UW Laser has won the honorary commendation of "Best Supplier"!


Camels symbolize hope and an oasis, indicating the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and obstacles when rushing out of dilemmas and marching toward victory. Under the situation of global pandemic, in order to ensure that the customer's German factory was officially put into mass production as planned, UW Laser has overcame all difficulties and took practical actions to ensure production and delivery, which was highly recognized and praised by customers!


This is the second time that the company has been highly affirmed by CATL after winning the Best Supplier Award of CATL in 2016. It is of great significance to enhance the company's brand image and become a global strategic partner of CATL.




Under the strategy of "carbon neutrality", the global wave of power battery expansion is accelerating, and the internationalization process of Chinese battery factories is speeding up as well. As the core supplier of power battery laser welding, UW Laser has continued to optimize its industrial layout in recent years in order to meet the needs of leading new energy customers for large-scale production expansion in the next few years.


In addition to its Shenzhen headquarters, UW Laser has successively established production bases in Liyang, Jiangsu, Huizhou, Guangdong, and Yibin, Sichuan, and established overseas subsidiaries in Japan and Germany, aiming to better serve customers and promote the global upgrading of the new energy vehicle industry!