The New “Gear” Is Now On! Sensor Intelligent Equipment, a New Choice in the Era
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At present, an industrial upheaval centered on "intelligent manufacturing" is sweeping the world. Sensors are high-precision detection instruments. For intelligent manufacturing, sensors are not only the eyes and ears for data collection, but also the brain and heart of high-end manufacturing, process control, and networked operations.


By acquiring the changes of various parameters such as sound, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, magnetic field, gas, shape pattern, etc., the operation status and safety status of the "platform" is monitored to ensure safe, reliable, stable, and effective operation. Combined with the system architecture and software's service model to form a complete "intelligent" and "smart" system to meet the needs of intelligent management in the industrial field.

“Ice Ribbon” National Speed Skating Oval / Image Source: People's Daily Online

During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, numerous China-made sensors are interconnected and distributed in various infrastructure facilities, providing valuable and useful information to facility managers to ensure the successful operation of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.


As a laser welding expert, UW Laser has covered more than 20 industries such as new energy power batteries, automobile manufacturing, 3C electronics, and sensors. In the sensor industry, the company has developed and upgraded a series of lasers for the two major fields, namely industrial sensors, and automotive sensors. Welding equipment and intelligent manufacturing production lines help the intelligent transformation and upgrading of sensor factories.


Industrial Sensor

Industrial sensors include all kinds of sensors suitable for industrial manufacturing processes such as energy, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, machinery manufacturing, and automobiles. It gives automated intelligent equipment the ability to perceive and is the first door to the Industrial Internet.

The pressure sensor oil-filled core assembly line developed by UW Laser has two forms. One assembly line produces only one kind of product to realize fully automated assembly. The other assembly line is compatible with assembling three different products. Through human-machine coordination, the characteristics of automatic equipment excelling in repetitive labor and high speed are organically combined with the flexibility and judgment of workers.

Automatic Core Attaching Station for Pressure Sensors


❖ The chip identification system has the function of 0~360° identification to realize the core edge identification and core pattern identification at the same time;

❖ With high-precision servo module control, automatic loading and unloading mechanism, and tray stacking and buffering function, the equipment can work continuously without stopping;

❖ The high-precision dispensing module ensures a very high degree of consistency in the core placement;

❖ All sections are equipped with visual positioning and high-precision fixtures to ensure the overall accuracy of the product;

❖ According to the different requirements of the product, corresponding formulas can be obtained to adapt to customers' individual needs flexibly.

Automatic Laser Welding Machine for Pressure Sensor Cores and Diaphragms


❖ The yield rate of diaphragm stacking and positive and negative identification is over 99%.

❖ Multi-station visual positioning is equipped with an imported fiber laser to ensure the consistency of products in automatic assembly and welding.

❖ Each functional module is designed independently, and the functional modules can be customized according to the customer's needs to meet the product compatibility requirements.

Automatic Laser Welding Table for Pressure Sensor Cores


❖ Visual positioning and photographing, automatic tin feeding and welding, with high stability and high quality;

❖ Fully automatic loading and unloading function to reduce the original production staffing and workload, improve production efficiency and production capacity;

❖ The overall structure of the equipment is compact, and the laser is placed in the worktable to save floor space.

Automatic laser marking table for pressure sensor cores


❖ Equipped with an advanced fiber laser.

❖ Short changeover time and easy maintenance.

❖ Different characters and widths can be selected according to different specifications of product marking requirements.

❖ Intuitive operation interface, easy to operate.

Diaphragm Pressure Sensor Welding Station


❖ Supporting CCD positioning system and helium air tightness detection system to realize automatic assembly, welding and inspection of products;

❖ Parameter quantification, convenient debugging, independent design of each functional module, can be matched with different module equipment according to different customer requirements;

❖ Modular design, short customization cycle and fast delivery.

❖ The device can quickly switch fixtures and is compatible with a variety of products;


Automotive Sensors

Because of the different assembly purposes of automobile sensors, they can be divided into two categories: traditional microelectromechanical sensors to improve the level of informatization of a single vehicle and intelligent sensors to support autonomous driving. MEMS is the "neuron" of an automobile, which carries out information feedback in the control process of automobile systems and realizes automatic control. Intelligent sensors that collect information directly from the outside world are the "eyes" of autonomous vehicles.

Automated Assembly and Welding Line for Temperature Sensors


❖ It covers key technological processes such as assembly section, cleaning section, flange welding section, etc.;

❖ With an imported fiber laser, the energy is concentrated, and the heat-affected zone is small;

❖  Adopting precision ball screws and linear guide as transmission elements to achieve high precision, high speed, and repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.03mm.

❖ Each unit is modularly designed, and each module is correspondingly set with fault alarms and prompts for handling measures, which is easy to maintain;

❖ The equipment is equipped with a safety protection system, which triggers safety gratings, safety access control, and power-off of the machine to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel;

❖ Equipped with an industrial CCD monitoring system to realize real-time monitoring of the whole welding process.

EMS Automated Line for the Calibration of Pressure Sensor PCBs


Automatic standardization of 8*8=64 small pieces

Automatic caching, the incubator can cache 1.5 hours of production usage.

❖ The incubator adopts a high-precision calibration inspection system;

❖ Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

MEMS Automated Assembly Line for Pressure Sensors


❖ Compatible with a variety of products;

❖ Save floor space;

❖ Provide customers with personalized customization according to their products process differences;

MEMS Automated Assembly Line for Pressure Sensors (Low Pressure)


❖ Integrate product calibration into the production line;

❖ Parameter quantification, modular design, short customization cycle, and fast delivery;

❖ Each functional module is independently designed, and can be matched with different module equipment according to different customer requirements, with strong compatibility;

❖ Both ends of the assembly line are protruding equipment, which is convenient for future maintenance;

❖ A single machine is independently controlled, and customers can flexibly add new equipment according to actual needs in the later stage;

Hot-Press Assembly Line for Composite Pressure Sensors


❖ Industrial PLC control, good equipment stability, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

❖ Each machine is individually configured with LCD touch screen for operation.

❖ Circular layout to reduce site occupation and facilitate the interpolation of new work stations when compatible with new products subsequently.

With foolproof operation mode, the equipment can feed and assembly materials by itself. Operators only need to follow the equipment prompts for material replenishment and discharging.


Intelligent manufacturing is the core competitiveness of modern manufacturing and the inevitable way to build a strong manufacturing country. As a laser welding expert, UW Laser focuses on high-precision intelligent equipment, helping customers from all walks of life to utilize intelligent industrial equipment, and win the future of intelligent manufacturing!