The R&D of UW Laser Jiangsu Got Motive Force One More Time as It was Certified b
Time:2022-12-09 Author:UW LASER Views: 58

The "Changzhou High-precision Laser Welding Technology Engineering Technology Research Center" established by Jiangsu United Winners Laser Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of UW Laser (stock code: 688518), has recently been recognized by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as the 2022 Changzhou Engineering Technology Research Center. This is another city-level technical research center accredited by UW Jiangsu after Changzhou Enterprise Technology Center and Changzhou Industrial Design Center.


Laser welding is a comprehensive technology integrating laser technology, welding technology, material technology, automation technology, product design technology and mechanical manufacturing technology. It has the advantages of fast speed and high power density and is favored by high-precision manufacturing. Under the development strategy of transforming a large country into a manufacturing powerhouse, high-precision laser technology is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of high-quality industries around the world.


Technology has only a starting point, and innovation has no end. UW Laser has always focused on the research and development and industrial transformation of laser welding and intelligent manufacturing technology, and is committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the field of laser welding and intelligent manufacturing in China and even the world. As the supporting unit of the engineering center, UW Laser has numerous constructive achievements in external technical services and intellectual property transformation. It has achieved 265 patents related to laser welding (37 in UW Jiangsu), 200 software copyrights (16 in UW Jiangsu), and thousands of laser welding and intelligent manufacturing talents.



At the same time, Dr. Niu Zengqiang, Vice Chairman of the Board, has taken the lead in setting up the UW Laser Research Institute, establishing a laser R&D center, laser process R&D center, R&D engineering center, intelligent software R&D center, and special laser equipment R&D center, dedicated to becoming the innovation engine of the laser welding and intelligent manufacturing industry.


Founded in 2017, UW Jiangsu is one of the important bases for the future strategic layout of UW Laser, integrating R&D, production and sales. This time, UW Jiangsu was certified by Changzhou Engineering Technology Research Center, which is an important milestone for UW Laser to practice the trinity localization management of R&D, production and marketing. UW Jiangsu will take this opportunity to strengthen cooperation with colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, and peer companies, improve the ability of independent innovation of enterprises, and strive to build the center into a platform for technological innovation, a bridge for the combination of production, learning and research, and a platform for the transformation of achievements. The base and the cradle of talent gathering, practice corporate social responsibility with practical actions, promote the innovative development of precision laser welding technology in the field of scientific and technological development and industrial application, and contribute to China's intelligent manufacturing!