Good News! UW Laser won the
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On August 11, the "CHEC2022 Second Century Hydrogen Energy Conference" hosted by Hydrogen Energy 100 People's Association and Century New Energy Network and hosted by Hydrogen Energy Observation was grandly opened at Beijing Yuyang Hotel! The theme of this conference is "China's Hydrogen Energy Development Opportunities in the Post-Winter Olympic Era". Representatives from the government, academia and enterprises gathered together to discuss the development trends and opportunities of China's hydrogen energy industry. Dong Yin, general manager of the General Business Department of UW Laser, was invited to participate. With its leading independent research and development capabilities and innovative product advantages in the field of hydrogen energy, UW Laser won the "Golden Tripod Award" of 2022 Hydrogen Energy Observation.



Hydrogen energy has the features of abundant sources, wide application, high combustion calorific value, clean and green, etc. It is one of the "future" energy sources with the most potential to replace traditional fossil energy. Under the background of the "third energy revolution" of the global transition to low carbon and green, the development of hydrogen energy is of great significance to promote the high-quality development of the new energy industry in this new era.


As a pioneer in the fuel cell equipment manufacturing industry, UW Laser has always been committed to accelerating the iterative upgrading of key processes and intelligent manufacturing solutions for fuel cell membrane electrodes, bipolar plates, stacks, and other fuel cell manufacturing through independent innovation, and has created a series of fuel cell intelligent manufacturing solutions with stronger performance, higher reliability and more flexible adaptability.



The award-winning fully automatic and intelligent hydrogen fuel cell assembly line is mainly used for stacking assembly and testing of hydrogen fuel cell stacks. It has a number of cutting-edge patented core technologies. Compatible with a variety of height formula sizes, it has functions such as one-key switching, visualization, interactive self-checking, etc., to achieve improvement in both quality and efficiency, and is currently at the leading level in the industry!



The "giant ship" of the hydrogen energy industry has successfully set sail and will ride endlessly on the tight times, chasing the waves and heading for a better tomorrow! UW Laser will make full use of the advantages of its self-developed and self-developed technologies while grasping the development trend and opportunities of global energy reform and continuing to take innovation as the engine. At the same time, it adheres to the concept of "united and win together," sticks with hydrogen, and cooperates with upstream and downstream partners across the industry to draw a beautiful blueprint for clean energy together!