Automatic dispensing line

Application Description

Applicable sensor specification

Diameter: 19 mm

Height:  5mm

Industry testing standard

Whether the installation dimensional tolerance ±0.05mm meets the requirements;

Whether the dispensing strength (3Mpa) is satisfied;

Laser welding advantage

Energy/efficiency ≥5PPM

UW Solution for Pain Points

Chip dispensing precision control, SMT automatic precision control, limited site and cost factors.


Automatic feeding

CCD visual positioning

System Including

This system mainly includes the chip base material tray assembly line, the finished material tray assembly line, the circuit board material tray assembly line, the circuit board empty material tray assembly line, feeding and blanking material manipulator, the circular guideway assembly line, the automatic dispensing module glue plate automatic material loading module, the circuit board automatic material feeding module, the visual processing system and so on.