Mold Repairing Laser Welding Machine

In White goods, auto part, consumer electronics, plastic industry, the steel alloy mold and stamped components can be easily broken. With the extremely high price of molds, you want to be sure that you can extend the life of the mold to its full potential. The pulse laser welding machine can repair the mold very accurately and fast in-house. It's economic and help you saving time.

Application Description

Welding Requirement

1.No cracks, sand holes, scars, deformation, oxidation.

2.Laser welding point diameter of only 0.2mm ~ 2.0mm.

3.Small range of heating ,no stomata.

4.Can repair cracks, corners, mold edge and worn edges.

5.Make welding parts up to HRC 60°hardness.


1.The heat affected zone is tiny, and surrounding material is not softened;

2. No need to send out for replacement parts – you can repair them in-house;

3. Greater precision of welding intricate; delicate surfaces of parts;

4. Can weld magnetic pieces, and tiny components

5. Laser welding is higher quality welds than Tig Weld.

6. Can weld carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, and virtually any tool steel

Minimal deformity, distortion, and shrink

7. Ability for molds to be repaired multiple times

UW Solution for Pain Points

Pain points

1.Hard to melt the wire.

2.when repairing easy make it worse without good control on the heat input.

UW Solution

Tip1. The UW-150A with Real-time power negative feedback and Arbitrary waveform setting can melt wire very good.

Tip2. Microscope &CCD function laser head, convinient for observation.

Tip3. Servo motor adopted for auto XYZ axis, ensure stable axis movement and accuracy.

Tip4. Holzer induction joystick, control XY axis work together , rotate to control Z axis.

Tip5. Move Joystick lightly , motor move slowly; Move Joystick Heavily , motor move fast.


1.Intelligent laser parameter setting with panel for different material mold repair with/ without different material wire. Can be suitable for welding a variety of mold materials: S136, NAK80,718,738, P20, SKD-11, SKD-61, H13, W302, GS2344, GS2343, GS2082 and other countries die steel.

2. Laser spot welding with joystick control moving and foot pedal control laser shot.

3.PLC control servo motor drive to ensure good movement accuracy.

System Including

This Mold repairing machine include Laser welder UW-150A, Microscope & CCD function, Chiller, Arm  (autoXYZ150*150*600mm, manual Y 600mm), Manual XY table in option, Joystick, Footpedal.

Laser welding machine


Laser head


Chiller UW Made

Auto XYZ stroke


Manual Y stroke


Arm size

630(W)* 1030(D)* 880(H)

Space area


Working enviroment

Temperature: -5~45°C, humidity :≤95%

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