Tyre transducer

Application Description

Applicable product specifications

All kinds of plastic welding products

Industry testing standard

Burst pressure ≥ 6 bar

The leakage pressure ≥ 4 bar

Destruction torque ≥ 4N·M

Laser welding advantage

Primary yield rate of the product  ≥ 99%; 

the production capacity/efficiency ≥ 12PPM

UW Solution for Pain Points

Plastic welding collapse is not synchronized resulting in substandard air tightness.


Double station design, improve efficiency;

The fixture adopts the form of one module and many holes to improve the efficiency.

The machine has strong universality and can be compatible with many kinds of fixture.

Diode laser welding, small size, long life, good welding quality.

System Including

The equipment consists of a laser host and a working table.

Laser machine: UW050-915

Water chiller: No

Smoke purifier: No

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