Auto Spare Parts

Auto spare parts laser welding such as Cylinder Gasket, Airbag Bracket, Exhaust Manifold, Oxygen Sensor, Differential, ColumnTube, Guiding Tube, Seat Belt Buckle, Guiding Tube Bracket, Shift Fork, Half-shell Components, Steering Wheel Sensor, etc.

Auto White Body

Auto white body laser welding such as Different Thickness Plate, Tail Door, Top Cover, Side Wall Pillar A/B, Window Frame,Seat Frame, Seat Rail, etc.

Cylindrical Battery

Cylindrical battery laser welding such as Battery Cap, End Cover, Battery Module, Battery Module Production Line, Super Capacitor Module, Fuel Cell Electric Pile Bind, Busbar, Copper Busbar, etc.

Prismatic Battery / Module/ Pack

Prismatic power battery laser welding such as Cell, Connecting Sheet, Top Cover, Sealing Pin, Explosion-proof Valve Post Terminal, Battery Module, Battery PACK, etc.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics laser welding such as Smartphone Battery Glue Pasting, Smartphone Battery Pole Ear, Connector, Fan Motor Shell, Fingerprint Reader, etc.


Sensor laser welding such as Sensor Dispensing, Sensor Seal, Sensor Soldering, Sensor Laser Welding (Double Position), Sensor Automatic Laser Welding, Sensor Chip Pasting, Capsule Sensor, etc.

Hardware & Home Appliance

Hardware & Home Appliance laser welding such as Kettle, Vacuum Cup, Oven, Compressor Shell, Kitchen Ventilator, Motor, TV Frame, Washing Machine, Sink, Water Tap, Shower Head, etc.

Optical Communication

Optical communication laser welding such as Three Beam (Manual), Three Beam (Automatic), Four Beam (Manual), Four Beam (Automatic), etc.

Solar Collectors

Dual workstation, dual output head , 4D worktable, the output head can automatically rotate, suitable for solar collectors lateral, longitudinal welding.

Mold Repair Welding Machine

Through the mold repairing, you can re-use the original mold, which can save the production costs and improve work efficiency. Can also be used to modify the design or size of the mold, reducing the product development cycle.

Laser Welding for Plastic

Laser Welding for Plastic such as Electronic Brake, Tire Pressure Sensor,etc.