Mr. Wang Quan and his party visited the company's external image display area, laser welding technology laboratory and manufacturing workshop. In the image display area, general manager Guo Ziran introduced to the leaders the company's brand story, development process, core business, operating conditions and the company's achievements. General manager expresses JIANGSU UNITED WINNERS LASER CO.,LTD. is Liyang city a few industrial laser equipment produces manufacturing enterprise, the company is in the process that create and develop got Jiangsu government very big support and help, future company also can do one's best for the development of Jiangsu province contribution gives one's strength.

In the laser welding technology laboratory, general manager Guo Ziran introduced the principle, type and application field of laser welding equipment in the society in detail for Wang Quan. 

Finally, party secretary Wang Quan ,party secretary jiang and other leaders  accompanied by  general manager  to visit the company office, large equipment assembly workshop and small and medium-sized equipment assembly production workshop.

After the visit, general manager Guo Ziran also made a wish to the leaders, saying that JIANGSU UNITED WINNERS LASER CO.,LTD. will definitely live up to expectations, increase investment in scientific research, enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, and make greater contributions to the promotion of new energy industry and regional economic development.