On October 27, 2019, SHENZHEN UNITED WINNERS LASER CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the UWLaser) wholly owned subsidiary of HUIZHOU UNITED WINNERS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the UWTechnology) " Development depend on trustworthiness, Exist depend on quality" ,the foundation laying ceremony of the industrial park project was held at The Site Next To Dongsheng Village, Zhongkai High-Tech Zone, Huizhou!

Zhongkai high-tech zone management committee deputy director, district economic development bureau director Hu Wei, Zhongkai high-tech zone executive deputy director of economic development bureau Liao Lingwei, Zhongkai high-tech zone deputy director of economic development bureau  Xie Tiemeng, Zhongkai high-tech zone land and resources sub-bureau deputy director Zhao Yuning,  member of the party working committee of Chenjiang sub-district Qiu Wei, as well as leaders of district housing construction bureau, district urban management law enforcement sub-bureau and district power supply bureau,Chairman and general manager Han Jinlong, deputy general manager Jia Song, secretary of the board of directors Xie Qiang and management of UWLaser,About 100 staff representatives attended the groundbreaking ceremony to lay the foundation for the project.

              Chairman Mr.Han Jinlong delivered a speech

Mr. Han Jinlong, chairman and general manager of UWLaser, first made a speech, expressing warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all leaders of the project of UWTechnology industrial park.To Huizhou municipal party committee, municipal government, Zhongkai high-tech zone and Chenjiang street department leaders and staff to UWTechnology preparation work support and help express heartfelt thanks!He said that in the context of the rapid rise of China's manufacturing industry, UWLaser has been maintaining a rapid development, UWLaser needs a stable research and development and production base, so chose Huizhou Zhongkai high-tech zone with convenient transportation, beautiful environment and outstanding people.

UWTechnology is one of the important research and development and production base for UWLaser, UWLaser major customers EVE, DESAY, BYD, TOPBAND, KDL, SUNWODA than UWaser one step ahead to Huizhou, UWLaser is to close to customers, better for the customer with efficient quality services  in Huizhou. We believe our products and services will make our customers more satisfied after the project is completed.

               Director of the bureau Hu Wei delivered a speech

Next, Director General Hu Wei delivered a speech, expressing warm congratulations on the successful launch of the project. He said that during the important period of Zhongkai high-tech zone's transformation and development, UWLaser follows the industrial transformation and upgrading trend of Zhongkai high-tech zone and invests a huge amount of capital to build a new factory, which is of great significance for Zhongkai high-tech zone's transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing and from industrial concentration area to urban functional area with property right integration. Zhongkai high-tech zone will always adhere to the concept of service enterprises first, provide the best environment, the strongest guarantee and the best service for the project construction, actively strive for preferential policies at all levels for the project, and promote the early completion and early production of the project.


                 Lay a foundation and earth up

In the warm applause and the roar of salutations, UWTechnology "Development depend on trustworthiness, Exist depend on quality" industrial park project foundation ceremony perfect end, the new project formally broke ground construction.The new factory covers an area of 65,462 square meters, with a total construction area of 138,473.7 square meters. It will build r&d building, r&d workshop, industrial workshop, dormitory podium building, catering facilities and other facilities.Lianying technology industrial park is not only a production base, but also a research and development base of advanced technology. It will build a provincial key laser welding laboratory and set up a training center for laser welding and automation technicians.

UWTechnology will implement the "localization" research and development, production, sales, service integration strategy.Based in Huizhou, linkage Shenzhen, radiation south China, sales nationwide, to the world. We will adhere to the "quality, innovation, efficiency, service" business philosophy, continue to carry forward the "professional focus, customer first, quality first" service concept, and our customers and suppliers work together to advance, create brilliant! Together for Huizhou's economic development to contribute their own strength.In 2020, UWTechnology will present itself to the world with a new look and open a new chapter of development!

              Project panorama