In shenzhen in May, the sun is scorching.The 13th China international battery technology exchange conference was held in shenzhen in May 2018. As a well-known domestic battery laser welding equipment supplier, SHENZHEN UNITED WINNERS LASER CO.,LTD. also had the honor to attend the meeting.

Energy storage, as the most forward-looking technology to promote the development of new energy industry in the future, will play a huge role in the grid connection of new energy, electric vehicles, smart grid, micro grid, distributed energy system, home energy storage system, power supply project in areas without electricity, and even energy security in the future. The energy storage industry is still in the early stage of development both internationally and in China, especially in China, which has huge market potential and may become the largest energy storage application market in the world. Since its inception, our company has been deeply involved in the new energy industry, and together with all walks of life to promote its development and progress. Over the years, we have provided stable and reliable welding and self-h manufacturing equipment for major customers.

Leaders of the company attach great importance to this exhibition, which will display our company's unique high-tech composite welding machine. Composite laser welding refers to the laser welding method with different wavelengths or different heat sources, which is composed of semiconductor laser and fiber laser. Used to solve some welding defects in single laser welding, such as surface forming quality, cracks in welding pool, pores, welding splash, etc.

On the first day of the exhibition, our products received high attention from all walks of life, one after another, our engineers attending the exhibition also actively answered questions and made in-depth communication.

The exhibition will last till 24th,UWLaser is located in hall 8 of the exhibition, booth no. : 8T017, we sincerely invite all old and new friends for guidance.