Handheld Laser Head

Handheld Laser Head

YAG Laser welding system for manual / semi- automatic spot/continuous welding: With 1pc YAG laser source: 300W / 600W; With 1pcs hand hold gun: manual spot / short line continuous welding (Optional); With 1pcs CNC worktable (X*Y*Z traverse: 2000*600*600mm) for simple continuous welding line (Optional); With 1pcs Robot for complicated continuous welding line (Optional)
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What material and thickness can weld?

Spot welding and short wire continuous welding, stainless steel thickness: 0.5mm-1mm.


1.Better safety performance,

The laser can shot only the operator wear glasses, probe contact metal, etc.

2.Well positioning

Probes can be varied according to butt welding, T- type fillet welding, L-type fillet  welding, with the corresponding shape of probes, positioning well and achieve  good welding effect.

3.Ergonomic design

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Handheld laser head

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