Laser Welder

(Hybrid)Blue Laser Series

455nm laser suitable for welding copper, gold and other anti-materials. Hybrid blue laser is good for weld 1mm~2mm cooper, such as Sensor, electricity connector, prismatic battery cooper parts.

Blue Laser Power


Hybrid  Blue Laser Power



Laser Operating Mode


Welding Depth of Copper


PCB Laser Soldering

Brass/ Gold

Machine Power Consumption


Yag Laser Series

Using high-energy pulsed laser to weld, the pulsed xenon lamp is used as the pump source, and the ND:YAG as the production of laser working substance.

Laser Power 8-600W
Laser Operating Mode Pulse
Welding Depth of SS 0.1-2.0mm
Welding Depth of AL 0.1-2.0mm
Machine Power Consumption 1.6KW-18KW

CW Fiber Laser Series

The rare earth ions absorb pump laser and their electrons are excited to a higher excitation level to achieve ion number inversion. The ions are transferred from the high energy level to the ground state, then release the energy and output the laser.

Laser Power 500-4000W
Laser Operating Mode CW
Welding Depth of SS 1.5-5.5mm
Welding Depth of AL 2.0-4.0mm
Machine Power Consumption 2.5KW-16KW

Laser Diode Series

Laser diode uses semiconductor materials as the working substance to generate laser. The laser is transmitted via the fiber, and several small power semiconductor lasers are coupled into the fiber to form high power laser to output.

Laser Power 50-1000W
Laser Operating Mode CW
Welding Depth of SS Max 1.0mm
Welding Depth of AL Max 0.2mm
Machine Power Consumption 0.3KW-3KW

QCW Fiber Laser Series

QCW fiber laser controls the CW fiber laser in a pulse-controlled method to obtain the higher peak power and laser energy of the pulse laser, which can achieve the best welding effect.

Laser Power 150-300W
Laser Operating Mode CW& Pluse
Welding Depth of SS 0.1-1.8mm
Welding Depth of AL 0.1-1.0mm
Machine Power Consumption 1.6KW-3.2KW

Hybrid Laser Series

The hybrid laser adopts fiber laser and laser diode as the composite laser source, through the composite laser head, this two laser source can work together on the workpiece, to achieve one CPU cooperative controls two laser source.

Laser Power 2000-4000W
Laser Operating Mode CW
Welding Depth of SS
Welding Depth of AL 0.5-3.5mm
Machine Power Consumption 10KW-17KW


The high beam quality of seed laser and pump laser are coupled into a double-clad fiber for amplification to achieve achieve high power amplification of seed laser.

Laser Power 70-120W
Laser Operating Mode Pulse
Welding Depth of SS 0.1-0.5mm
Welding Depth of AL 0.1-0.4mm
Machine Power Consumption 0.8KW-1KW

Handheld Laser Head

Non-contact welding, micro welding, beautiful welding appearance, good welding strength, semi-automatic / automatic welding.

Material of Rod Carbon
Lens Collimation: 40mm Focus: 50mm