When replacing the flashlamp, turn off the power of the Laser and wait for at least 5minutes

Before replace, caution as follow:

1.Take care not to expose optical path part to a dirty environment when cover opened. Keep clean to prevent the dust sticking on the surface of reflecting lens and condensing cavity.

2.Mark positive and negative on lamp when lamp is changed.

3.Wear dust free and anti-perspirant glove when changing the lamp, and make sure not to touch and cratch the mirror surface, prevent the mirror surface from dust and dirt. Using bloom blower to clean the laser cavity After changing the lamp.

4.Close the laser chamber, turn on the power, check that the mounting bolts of the top cover of the laser cavity are tightened. If water leaking, wipe it off with clean cloth or paper gently, and check the reason.


Required Items:Clean cloth, Alcohol, Phillips screwdriver, specification: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5mm, 2 piece flashlamp, Glove.

1.Turn off the power of the laser. Wait at least five minutes befor opening the cover.

2.Turn on the drain cock on the cooling machine, drain the water, then turn the drain cock off.

3.Remove the water drain hole drain screw of the laser chamber to drain the water from the chamber. After draining, install the drain screw.

4.Remove the electrode-collet slowly and take it off from the lamp.

5.Using wrench to take off connect screw on laser chamber top (2 screws on 2 end), and remove the cover.

6. Put off end covers and draw out the old lamp from one side.

7.Wear the glove and clean the new lamp with alcohol. Insert the new lamp from the other posit side, and check to install the obturating ring at end.

8.Install the laser chamber upper cover and laser chamber when the new lamp has been installed, and tighten the screws of the upper cover.

9. Fill the water tank with deionized water, cover it.

10.Turn on the power to check if theres any leakage, and start the laser to check whether flashlamp works well.

11. Make sure everything is all right, turn off power and cover the top cover.


After replace, caution as follow: Do not touch the glass part of the flashlamp. When installing it, clean it with alcohol; If the mirror on the  inner surface of the reflector panel is scratched or stained, the laser output is lowered, and the reflector panel gets damaged at last.