Rare earth - doped fiber acts as gain medium for fiber laser. There is a very thin optical fiber core in the fiber laser due to external pumping of light. It is easy to form high power density in optical fiber, which causes the inversion of particle number of laser working material level. When properly incorporated into the feedback mechanism, it is easy to excite from the core output laser.

According to the types of fiber materials, there are several types of fiber lasers:

1. Rare earth doped fiber laser

Optical fiber's substrate material is glass, doped with rare earth elements in the fiber to activate the ions, and made of fiber laser.

2. Plastic fiber laser

Fiber laser is made by mixing laser dye into plastic fiber core or cladding.

3. Crystal fiber laser

The working material is laser crystal fiber, mainly including ruby single crystal fiber laser, nd3 +, YAG single crystal fiber laser and so on.

4. Nonlinear optical fiber laser

There are mainly stimulated Raman scattering fiber laser and stimulated brillouin scattering fiber laser.

Through the above analysis, the fiber laser has a certain understanding of it. At the same time of understanding the fiber laser, combined with the actual needs, can choose a truly suitable fiber laser.