Hybrid wavelength welding machine

Application Production

At present, it is mainly applied to the welding of aluminum alloy under 3mm, which is mainly used in the welding of new energy battery, including top cover, sealing nail, pole column, explosion proof valve, module connection plate, end plate, etc.

Due to the diode laser so there is a clear advantage of  hybrid laser welding. Compared with ordinary fiber laser welding, the hybrid laser welding can achieve higher stability, smoother appearance, faster speed, fewer cracks and stomatas.

Hybrid Welding Introduction

Working Principle:

The two different wavelengths of laser light are combined together so that the axes of the two lasers coincide spatially. The main band laser is used for deep penetration welding. The sub-band laser has the function of preheating and slow cooling, and moderately conducting heat conduction welding.


increase the absorption rate of metal materials

Reduce the laser welding defects( stomata and cracks) improve the weld strength

obtain a better weld

High produce efficiency