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Battery Glue Pasting

Battery Glue Pasting




                      Abstract: Battery gule pasting system, Productivity/Efficiency≥900 UPH.


1. Application Description

Mobile Phone Battery Specification                                           
Length: 40-120mm
Width: 30-80mm
Height: 2-10mm
The effect of gule pasting is good, without wrinkles, bubbles, deviation and miss gule pasting.
Superior rate ≥99%
Productivity/Efficiency≥900 UPH


2. Technology


1.There are various kinds of glue tapes, and the position of gule pasting varies according to the product and technology.

2.The gule pasting movement of mobile phone head is complicated, and it needs to be folded several times after pasting.

UW Solution

Tips 1: Use automatic stripping mechanism to complete the pasting operation, to achieve the tape of chip head and double-sided adhesive automatic glue;

Tips 2: Assist the bending mechanism to complete the automatic folding of the adhesive paper to ensure that the adhesive paper has good effect without wrinkles;

Tips 3: Allow online change gule and products types quicklly to convenient for customers to make small production.


3. Feature

1. This battery gule pasting system is used for scan code, chip leveling, chip of gule pasting, wrap angle, FPC flexible connector bending, side way glue pasting, etc;

2. Flexible design is compatible with a wide range of product types;

3. High working efficiency.


4. System Including

This battery gule pasting system  includes gule pasting workstation, etc.


5. Parameter



Repeat Accuracy


Failure Rate