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Application | 10PPM Square Battery Moudle Laser Welding
Application > 10PPM Square Battery Moudle Laser Welding


10PPM Square Battery Moudle Laser Welding

10PPM Square Battery Moudle Laser Welding



 Abstract: 10PPM square battery moudle laser welding system, Productivity/Efficiency≥10PPM.


1. Application Description

Battery Moudle Specification                                           
Length: 500mm
Width: 200mm
Height: 300mm
Superior rate ≥99.8 %


2. Technology


UW Solution
Welding battery module shell with traditional technology CMT, the welding speed is slow, the welding quality is poor, and the welding temperature has a great influence on battery. However, use laser welding machine + scanner can effectively solve the above problems.


3. Feature

1. This 10PPM Square Battery Moudle production line is used for battery module scan code, OCV test, thickness test, glue stacking, polarity detection, shell laser welding, weld seam test, insulation and voltage test, marking, gluing, curing, laser cleaning, Busbar welding, DCRI test, etc;

2. High degree of automation;

3. Strong compatibility, different combinations of the same chip can be produced automatically;

4. The production line tracing data synchronization with MES system.


4. System Including


This 10PPM square battery moudle laser welding system includes data tracking system, electrical performance test system, gluing system, battery shell welding system, after- welding test system, glue curing system, laser clean system, Busbar welding system, uploading and unloading system, etc.


5. Parameter





Failure Rate