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Application > Battery Pole Ear Laser Welding


Battery Pole Ear Laser Welding

Battery Pole Ear Laser Welding




                      Abstract: Battery pole ear welding system, Welding speed 110~130mm/s.


1. Application Description

Mobile Phone Battery Specification                                           
Length: 40-120mm
Width: 30-80mm
Height: 2-5mm
The welding surface is smooth, and no obvious color change, no welding penetration.
Superior rate ≥99 %
Productivity/Efficiency≥900 UPH
Welding speed 110~130mm/s


2. Technology


1.The pole ear is thin so that it is easy to deform and lead to poor welding.
2.The welding energy is unstable, and it is easy to produce welding penetration.
UW Solution
Tips 1: Integrate the laser welding machine with the position of pole ear shaping, cutting, dimension detection, and protection board welding avoid the risk of pole ear deformation.
Tips 2: Use energy negative feedback to ensure the stability of the energy.
Tips 3: Use the scanner to ensure the welding efficiency.


3. Feature

1. This battery pole ear laser welding system is used for scan code, internal resistance voltage test, pole ear shaping, pole ear cutting, protection plate welding, etc;

2. Flexible design is compatible with a wide range of product types;

3. High degree of automation, the protection plate can be extended to automatically uploading;

4. High welding speed, excellent effect and high superior rate;

5. Key technology parameters ( OCV test data, pole ear size, welding paremeters, etc.) can be uploaded to the traceability system;


4. System Including


This battery pole ear laser welding system includes laser welding machine, worktable, chiller, etc.


Laser welding machine



UW Made





Repeat Accuracy


Failure Rate



900 UPH