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Vacuum Cup Laser Welding

Vacuum Cup Laser Welding




                          Abstract: Vacuum cup welding system, Welding speed: 20-30mm/s .


1. Application Description

Vacuum Cup Specification                                           
Diameter: 175mm
Height: 45mm    
Welding surface smooth.
Pressure test (3Mpa).
Welding speed: 20-30mm/s


2. Technology

1.In the sheet metal industry, weld seam position deviations and plate deformation results in big weld gaps.
UW Solution
Tip 1. Use mature fixture to compress weld gap to meet welding requirements.


3. Feature

1. Fixture compatibility design to meet the needs of product change. With real-time tracking device can guarantees the follow-up of focus and tracking welding position in real time.

2. Fiber laser welding machine, with high electro-optical conversion efficiency, high welding speed, large depth-to-width ratio, energy concentration, and small heat-affected zone, small volume, no consumables, and no maintenance.

3. Laser head with collimation system to facilitate the connection with the fiber laser welding machine; drawer-type protection lens can quickly replace and maintain the optical elements; air knife and coaxial gas protection function; CCD monitoring system the welding process can be monitored in real time. 


4. System Including


This vacuum cup laser welding system includes laser welding machine, chiller, fixture, workstation, etc.

Laser welding machine


Laser power


Laser head

With CCD


5. Parameter



Welding speed


Repeat Accuracy