Quality Control

Quality Control

    Our quality goal is product superior rate of 100%, customer satisfaction of 90%, on-time Delivery of 100%. So when we manufacture each machine we will do the quality control strictly.

    In 2015, we were awarded ISO Certificate.pdf again.

    In 2015, we were awarded CE of Fiber Laser.pdf,CE of YAG Laser.pdf again.

IQC - Input Quality Control

All material and components (including mechanical parts, electrical parts, hardware etc.) should be strictly inspected by IQC test, only then can go to next step.All unqualified parts and material would be labeled by QC and properly dealt by suppliers.

IPQC - Input Process Quality Control

Customized table, laser machine IPQC inspection.All the material and components  must be qualified during manufacturing.When machines are on the process of manufacturing, all mechanical, electrical, software section should be qualified, tested, confirmed by certain QC before entering the next step or being used for assembling.

OQC – Outgoing Quality Control

Customized table, laser machine OQC inspection. test and inspection for machines which would be delivered to customers. It includes all functions, hardware, software, packaging, label etc.

This is the final inspection in factory before delivery.

QTC – Quality Traceability Control

All the important procedures during manufacturing should be recorded with words and photos in case of traceability.
So if machine goes wrong, UWLaser can easily checkout the problems only when the nameplate information is provided. This helps a lot to our post-sales service.