Laser Welding Lab

Laser Welding Lab

Here you can see the UWLASER powerful welding technology R&D lab.

We have professional welding technology R&D team, a vast varity of laser welding machine in our lab to meet the different application.  

Laser Welding Applications Specialists for UWLASR Machine

UWLASER application engineers professionally handle the laser welding of our machines. As part of a global network, they also have extensive skills in demonstration and sales support, customer service as well as carrying out feasibility studies on materials and application tests.The team also identifies optimal laser parameters for a wide variety of materials. Additionally, the application engineers constantly develop new laser welding tenders and material samples for which UWLASER machines can be used.

A vast varity of laser welding machine in our lab

The UWLASER laboratory is divided according to the application, including battery welding lab, automobile welding lab, 3C industry welding lab, plastic welding & soldering lab, and hardware welding lab. Each lab has specific equipment and fixtures to do the sample and test for customer.

Development of Laser Applications

Application engineers are constantly developing new application samples to determine the capacity and variety of varying laser applications. You will quickly discover the wonderful and limitless qualities of UWLASER welding applications and equipment.

More Application

Performing Material Tests

UWLASER’s application engineers perform a wide range of feasibility studies on various materials. These tests will be used in customers' applications before they buy laser machines.During the tests on desired materials, the customer is kept updated about press inquiries, and any questions are posed and answered promptly. Depending on the quality and processing speed required by the customer, optimal laser parameters are identified and established.

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