As an innovative market leader, UWLASER sets new standards in the laser welding. Our goal? We are committed to making our customers more profitable.
Read on for an overview of all our developments...

Laser Power Control Technology

The world's leading laser power control technology, multiple real-time power feedback technology (Patent number: CN102637012B); digital laser power calibration technology (Patent number: CN103811988B).

Through multiple real-time power feedback control, the power of the laser output is guaranteed to have good repeatability for a long time, effectively reducing the welding defect rate and improving the welding quality. Also the arbitrary waveform control of laser output power can also be realized to control more accurate welding process.

Through the digital laser power calibration technology, the output laser can be completely consistent with the setting laser energy.

Real-time Image Processing Technology

Automatic welding seam tracking technology, pre-weld and post-weld test technology.

The automatic welding seam tracking technology determines the welding position in real time through 3D visual test technology, effectively realizes the precise positioning of the welding position, guides the welding seam in real time, and automatically tracks the welding. The problem of inconsistent material tolerances for welded workpieces can be solved better.

The pre-weld and post-weld test technology uses the visual image processing technology.

The pre-weld test determines whether the incoming material meets the welding requirements through image detection processing, and then determines whether it can be welded. The weldable parts enter the next processing step, and the parts that are not suitable for welding are put into the defective product box for manual processing.

The post- weld test is to compare the image of the welded parts with the image of the parts that have passed the normal welding by image processing technology. The products with explosive point, leakage and other abnormal conditions in the welding process are checked out as defective products and confirmed by manual work, which can avoid welding defective products flowing into the next step.  


MES & UW Cloud

Through the application of Internet technology on industrial production line,  can realize remote network monitoring, processing data collection, fault report and analysis processing for the laser welding machine.

Spectaculars can be set up anywhere in the factory to display various production data such as planned output, actual production, number of defective products, and average production efficiency in real time. It is also possible to remotely control the generation of reports, upload production data, and remotely issue production instructions.

We can also customize various actual production and production management systems (MES) for customers to realize intelligent information factory control.

Hybrid laser welding technology

The hybrid laser welding machine, with two different wavelength, is combination of  fiber laser machine and the diode laser machine. It' s used to  realize the superposition of the advantages of the two lasers to meet the various needs of different customers. In particular, the precision of difficult-to-weld materials such as aluminum and copper can be welded with smooth appreance, minimal splashes, cracks and pores.

And this technology plays an important role on the power battery field. As the battery production line continuously improves the productivity efficiency and the welding speed is continuously improved, the welding defect has become the biggest obstacle to improve the welding speed. Under the welding speed of 200mm/s, this hybrid laser welding machine perfectly solves the technical problems of welding pore,cracks, etc. 


Various laser welding technology

UWLASER with 13 years experience in laser welding process technology, and Shenzhen Laser Precision Welding Engineering Lab provides machines and technical support for new process developments.

We had been successively designed and optimized laser welding process for more than 1,300 types of products, and accumulated welding experience in various material fields, such as the same materials , dissimilar meterials, plastics, glass, solder balls, etc.

We also have many patented laser welding technologies, such as Wobble laser welding, high frequency pulse welding technology (MOPA), flat top beam (beam shaping) welding technology, hybrid laser welding technology, Wire feeding laser brazing technology, laser scanner welding, laser welding for plastic, laser soldering, etc.


Powerful automation R & D

The automation R & D team of UWLASER is more than 400 people. In the past 13 years, we finished more than 600 kinds of non-standard customized automation laser welding system, which meet the  welding requirement of more than 1300 product components. The product industry covers 28 laser processing fields including power batteries, optical communications, computers, home appliances, solar collector, auto parts, kitchenware, instrumentation, medical devices, eyeware and aerospace, etc. UWLASER has  strong automation design capabilities and can provide automated laser processing solutions to customers who in any field.


Powerful laser optical system R & D

UWLASER has been independently researching peripheral optical systems such as laser welding heads. The power of laser welding heads covers from 8W to 6000W, and the wavelength covers from 266nm to 2000nm. It has successfully developed the first dual-wavelength hybrid welding head in China, which can reach the level of 6000W with a single wavelength and this is in the international leading level.